Un Esprit… l'Excellence !

Sophie Baron

Dolorès and Gabriel Baron,

founders of Champagne Baron-Fuenté

Ignace Baron

Since the 17th century, the BARON family owned a vineyard in Charly-sur-Marne, in the west of the Champagne area.

Dolorès Fuenté is the daughter of Spanish immigrants and saw the hard side of live in Spain and at her arrival in France. Gabriel Baron and Dolorès Fuenté met at the local dance hall. At the time, the profession of a winemaker was not very much recognised, so Gabriel pretended to be a postman.

In 1961, at the occasion of his marriage to Dolorès, Gabriel Baron was given 1 ha of vineyards by his father. And in 1967, as a symbol of their union, Gabriel Baron and Dolorès Fuenté founded the house Baron-Fuenté.
The first bottles were produced and sold directly from the house. Since then, the company kept on developing year after year.

In 1983, their daughter Sophie joined Gabriel and Dolorès and starts working with her parents. In 1992, their son Ignace also joined the still growing family house, which owns by then already 13 ha of vineyards in Charly-sur-Marne, at the beautiful river banks of the Marne.

Today, Champagne Baron-Fuenté is the owner of 38 ha of vineyards and the brand Baron-Fuenté is owned by the Baron family.

The house Baron-Fuenté is actually managed by Ignace and Sophie. Ignace, assisted by his chef de cave Orlando, is in charge of the elaboration of all the champagnes.

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